Top 22 Best Atorrent Alternatives Torrents Similar Sites

The top torrents for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, BSD, and other operating systems. Discover only alternatives that are open-source or free by using a license filter. More than 25 programs that resemble BitTorrent are included in this list. Android mobile users can download torrents using aTorrent. It is a closed-source freemium app that downloads material via your phone’s mobile connection, yet it is still being actively developed. Visit our information page on atorrent torrent downloader if you’re seeking more details about it, including screenshots, reviews, and comments. The best substitutes are listed below.

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The top torrents for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, BSD, and other operating systems. Discover only atorrent pro.torrent alternatives that are open-source or free by using a license filter. More than 25 programs that resemble BitTorrent are included in this list. Android mobile users can download torrents using aTorrent. It is a closed-source freemium app that downloads material via your phone’s mobile connection, yet it is still being actively developed. Visit our information page on Atorrent if you’re seeking more details about it, including screenshots, reviews, and comments. The best substitutes are listed below. View the following list of alternatives to this software; if you have any questions about these, feel free to ask them.

Top 22 Best Atorrent Alternatives Torrents Similar Sites:

Here are the best Atorrent alternatives listed below:

1.  Vuze


Vuze is the most effective BitTorrent client and torrent downloader on the Google Play Store. This feature-rich, all-encompassing torrent downloader will launch a complicated torrent management system into your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to manage and arrange the downloaded torrent files atorrent pro torrent. There are two versions of Vuze Torrent Downloader available: free and premium. While the commercial version of Vuze Torrent Downloader is ad-free, the free edition contains adverts. An integrated search system, control over torrent upload and download speeds, direct control over saving torrent downloads, a straightforward user interface, and full compatibility with all Android smartphones and tablets are just a few of the features found in all editions of torrent pro.torrent. Vuze Torrent Downloader is the best tool for downloading atorrent pro apk download and managing torrents. To unleash true Torrent downloading strength, start it right away.

2.  Flud


A torrent downloader and a file-sharing system are two sets of functionality that the flexible Android software Flud offers. If this downloader is installed on your device, you can access the power of BitTorrent protocols. Flud makes it simple to manage even mega-sized files. From a smartphone or tablet atorrent free download for pc, you can perform all of these tasks, including downloading and sharing files using torrent pro apk. The magnet connection is now supported by Flud as well. It is useful for those who already have a collection of magnet links or have links they have received from friends and are looking for a means to download content directly to their cell phones. Downloading and uploading are not subject to any restrictions or limitations on Flud. You can arrange atorrent movies download your files into designated folders by using the file organization feature of the app.

3.  BitTorrent

bit torrent

BitTorrent itself serves as the client for its BitTorrent files. Now BitTorrent  offers a downloader called BitTorrent in addition to its other torrent downloader, uTorrent. From any website that sells torrents, BitTorrent is, without a doubt, the provider of the fastest torrent file downloads. Start downloading even mega-size files with BitTorrent and the simple downloading system. You can atorrent pro apk free download investigate and take advantage of the swift speed that is packed inside a user interface that is straightforward but has many practical options and features. You will always have power with the endless, free downloading mechanism. Update to the most recent version of BitTorrent if you already use it because it provides a WiFi-only option that will save mobile data. Your favorite content is easily accessible over the Internet without atorrent size or speed constraints.

4.  uTorrent


uTorrent, a prominent BitTorrent client, is undoubtedly one of the most utilized torrent downloaders across multiple operating systems. There are now both free and paid versions available for smartphones. The first thing that distinguishes uTorrent from other lightweight, unrestricted, fashionable, and efficient Torrent downloading apps is its size. A file-sharing or downloading atorrent android program has no benefit if you can’t fully command and control it. There is uTorrent available for customers who want the most power. Scripting, automation, remote management, and various other advanced options and features make uTorrent special. With BitTorrent Now’s integration, you can instantly browse through new music, films, movies, and other atorrent files content on your smartphone without using a search engine. A brand-new technique for browsing and obtaining further information from the Internet is UTorrent. The free app is going to make your day.

5.  Riptide. CZ

A torrent parser named Riptide In addition to offering a straightforward torrent search, Cz compiles torrent links from atorrent pro download several communities in other languages in one location. Magnet links are also managed by it. It has been created to make it simpler for Czech and foreign users to find their favorite torrents of music, movies, books, and other media that have been posted on forums in a variety of languages.

With more than 50,000 torrents from more than a thousand forums in different languages, this system attempts to create a bridge to international torrent sites. TV shows, movies, video games, mobile apps, books, tutorials, music, comics, anime, eBooks, and graphics make up the top ten categories. The most atorrent apk popular languages supported now are Czech, Polish, Spanish, German, and English. Sass



From, you may download torrents of movies, TV series, music, Mp3, games software, anime, and other content atorrent search. A category-sorted list of all the results is used to choose the most pertinent files and take the shortest amount of time to download. Many people’s lives would be substantially improved if downloading torrents required two clicks. The website does not employ auto-generated content, and there is no advertising.

On, there are only links to other websites on the Internet. It is a website that offers free access to torrents of all media types, including movies, TV shows, music, games, software, anime, and more. You can find all of your favorite torrents in great resolution here. Which does not offer or connect to any of the website’s database’s copyrighted media, such as movies, music, or games. As an alternative, it enables you to obtain them free from unaffiliated websites.

7.  Frostwire


Frostwire is one of the most used torrent downloaders for Android devices. Only the task of downloading and arranging torrent files is delegated to Frostwire. However, it can also function as a media player, cloud downloader, and free file-sharing application. Furthermore, Frostwire includes a unique search engine. You don’t need to go to Google or any other torrent-providing website since the Frostwire search engine will enable you to search it straight in the Frostwire and start Torrent downloading right away. Frostwire has the edge over its competitor’s thanks to features like the in-app search system, media preview, simple downloading, and integrated media players. Frostwire offers those premium features and functionalities that are generally only available as paid-for services through comparable applications, which is one of the best advantages of using it.

8.  P2P Guru

p2p guru

On the P2P Guru website, users may find all of their preferred material, including movies, TV shows, music, videos, subtitles, and games. OF This platform helped hundreds  thousands of users and visitors by providing them with access to both direct download links and online streaming connections for any visual content that was offered. This platform incorporates all the media for the user’s convenience, including Facebook, YouTube, and all other social networking sites.

This platform also provides games and software, allowing users to download them with any new updates or add-ons. Due to the data’s excellent organization and the search box’s availability for any keyword searches, the user may find the information on this web application with ease. The built-in search engine will display all content related to that particular keyword.

9.  qBittorrent


A free software alternative to Torrent is what the qBittorrent project wants to provide. Additionally, qBittorrent works with and offers the same functionalities on all major operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, OS/2, and FreeBSD. Compared to competing apps, QBittorrent uses fewer system resources. qBittorrent can be used from a USB stick or similar device without the need to install the software initially. qBittorrent can be expanded with the help of plugins, extensions, and add-ons.

10.  Transmission


You would anticipate a BitTorrent client to have features like encryption, a web-based interface, peer exchange, UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding, web seed support, watch directories, tracker editing, global and per-torrent speed constraints, and more. The Transmission provides each of them atorrent for pc. The Transmission uses fewer device resources as compared to comparable apps. Information can be from a USB stick or similar device without prior installation. Either Transmission is a CLI-only app, or it supports the CLI. No registration is required. The majority of Transmission’s features can be used without signing up.

11.  Tixati


The popular BitTorrent protocol is used by the peer-to-peer file-sharing program Tixati. With this protocol, several peers can band together to download very big files quickly. The foundation of Tixati is a atorrent pc decentralized infrastructure not governed by a single entity. Tixati can be used via a USB stick or similar device without requiring prior installation. Tixati is simple to personalize using themes or other features of a similar nature.

12.  zetaTorrent

zeta torrent

ZetaTorrent is the most powerful and efficient torrent client available online. The integrated browser with this torrent downloader has features, including an advertisements filtering system, visit history checking, proxy, downloading any file, and much more. The most recent beta torrent version offers an integrated file manager and an FTP client. This application’s organizing and administration features allow users to download and save torrent files to specified folders atorrent files download. Users of smartphones can modify the uploading, downloading, and connection cap speeds with ZetaTorrent’s speed control mechanism. ZetaTorrent is available in both a paid and free edition. An IP filter, a proxy system, and many other features are included in the pro edition.

13.  Torrentex


A straightforward torrent software for Android phones called Torrents allows users to download various items via the BitTorrent protocol. Utilizing this application offers a rapid and easy torrent downloading technique from a smartphone, wherever you are, which is the main advantage. Torrents provide フォルト!!atorrent a tonne of features, including no speed limit, a file selection system, sharing torrent files with others, support for magnet links, multiple Torrent downloading, a layout for phones and tablets, the ability to download torrent files to internal and external memory, and a lot more. It is a free app without ads or other distractions despite its functionality. Simply Torrents is the best torrent downloader, and it also provides access to a system for managing and organizing torrent files.

14.  FuTorrent

fu torrent

Current is a straightforward yet fully functional torrent client for Android devices. The robust technical foundation of this torrent downloader offers dependability and energy efficiency all at once. The stylish and simple FuTorrent software for smartphones is the best method to download and share a walk in the woods atorrent torrents of music, movies, videos, books, and many other types of materials. Directly copying various data types to the smartphone’s internal storage is time-consuming. If you want to download interesting stuff to your smartphone or would like to share the downloading with others, FuTorrent is the best tool for the job. Users of FuTorrent can adjust the maximum and minimum uploading and downloading rates for all sorts of torrent files as well as individually tailor the speed for each torrent file in the list that is currently downloading.

15.  aDownloader


JDownloader is the sole native BitTorrent downloader for Android mobile devices. Users can search torrent files using an integrated torrent search engine that pulls results from websites that host torrents and links to ordinary websites using this simple and user-friendly torrent downloader. JDownloader stands out for its ability to work as an HTTP downloader with a break-and-resume system. You will be able to benefit from the legal downloading of torrent files from juegos de pc 2017 con atorrent both the free Internet and the peer-to-peer network. Users of the most recent version of JDownloader can watch torrent videos right away without waiting a long time thanks to the play now features, video previewing, and downloading modes available in that version. JDownloader is one of the most popular Torrent downloading apps on the Google Play Store.

16.  torrent search engine

torrent search engine

A torrent search engine is the best approach to finding torrent files and downloading them directly to a smartphone’s internal storage. By combining the top search sources, this Torrent produces numerous hits as opposed to the one name provided. If you’re sick of utilizing torrent download tools that stop working all of a sudden because the searcher went offline or changed the site address, Torrent Search Engine is an application that provides the best solution to all of these issues atorrent apk. The Torrent Search Engine’s sorting criteria system allows users to group torrent results by size, speed, peers, seeders, and leechers, as well as by the oldest and newest files. Torrent Search Engine’s streamlined features include its search engine for scanning torrent files across all providers, downloading data to a smartphone, sharing the files with others, organizing and filtering files by categories, and much more.

17.  tTorrent Lite

tTorrent Lite is the best application for downloading torrents from the Internet since it supports all types of torrent files and is the official BitTorrent client. With the help of this simple Torrent downloading app, Android users may download as many torrent files as they like at limitless rates and directions to the device’s internal storage. tTorrent Lite is the best choice for smartphone users that need what opens atorrent to download huge files from the Internet. With the aid of tTorrent Lite, they may swiftly download large files, such as MP3 files, software, novels, movies, music albums, and more, from the Internet to their cellphones. To benefit from all of these, customers must have a high-speed internet connection. Torrent Lite anomos atorrent converter stands out from the competition because it supports creating and sharing torrent files.

18.  PicoTorrent

pico torrent

For Windows mobile devices, PicoTorrent is a simple and user-friendly BitTorrent client. PicoTorrent differs convert torrent to atorrent from other BitTorrent clients due to the capabilities it provides to its customers. Both IPV4 and IPV6 are compatible with their operation. Above all, PicoTorrent is open source and free for life.PicoTorrent is the best torrent download choice for Windows users.

19.  torrent download manager

torrent downloader manager

Torrent Download Manager, which combines Torrent downloading and searching operations onto a single platform, is the best torrent download, manager.The server’s speed and internet connection are two important determinants of the rate. Because it is simple to use, elegantly designed, offers immediate access to files, and makes it simple for users to add torrents from readily available files download old versions of mobilityflow atorrent play store or magnet links, it is growing in popularity among Android users. Torrent Download Manager downloads torrents for music, videos, movies, photographs, and other information.

20.  Tribler


A Tribler application allows users to find, enjoy, and exchange content. Content includes audio, Users can find, take pleasure in, and exchange material via a Tribler app. Audio, video and other forms of media are all considered content. Tribler is a tool you, the user, can use to discover, consume, and exchange download older version of google play store apk atorrent 2 content.  A caution states, “Tribler does not safeguard you against spooks and government agencies,” even on the Tribler website. Avoid putting your safety in peril.

21.  BitComet

bit comet

Is this a suitable replacement for BitComet, a BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP download client with support for modern BitTorrent features, long-term seeding, intelligent disc caching, and video previews of downloaded items jav auks-083 atorrent? Many users on Reddit said that BitComet tried to install a tonne of malware and viruses during the installation. The installation will prompt you to change your default search engine and install a media player. Torrent Icon for a polar bear

22.  Arctic Torrent

A straightforward BitTorrent client. In favor of low atorrent pro slow download memory and CPU utilization, it will be devoid of all the aesthetically pleasing features other torrent apps have.

Final words:

There you have it several different Atorrent sites that, as of this writing, appear to be operational. Since these items are frequently changing, we’ll update this list as the months go by. If you choose to use Pirate Bay, make sure to read our guide to the best VPN for Pirate Bay for a safe service. If these are your preferred Atorrent websites, we also have guides on the best VPN for BitTorrent and uTorrent.

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