Best Calendar Apps for Linux in 2022

You should use a calendar app to keep track of all your meetings, appointments, and events. They are crucial for planning daily tasks and carefully building your future. The top calendar applications for Linux systems are listed below. There is an app on our list for everyone, whether you want a primary calendar or one with many options to arrange your events.

Best Calendar Apps for Linux

  • Google Calendar
  • Evolution
  • KOrganizer
  • Orage
  • GNOME Calendar
  • Kalendar
  • Day Planner
  • MineTime
  • Calcurse
  • Lightning
  • California
  • Osmo

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the best calendar apps available for all platforms, including Linux. You can add events to the Google Calendar app with only a few taps. Users can create various colors for events to recognize and distinguish them from one another. It has options to automatically invite other users to your circumstances. Birthdays and holidays are included in sync with other calendars, which you can enable or disable. You can access additional features like a less intrusive pop-up by activating the Google Calendar labs. Additionally, it shows other attendees on the block of the event. The best calendar apps for Android devices are Google Calendar.


Evolution is the second-best calendar application for Linux apps, behind Google Calendar. This is usually an email app with a built-in calendar interface. There are five options for customization: Day, Work Week, Week, Month, and List. You can use it to create, edit, and remove appointments. Additionally, you can create a reminder for your meetings and events. For the GNOME desktop, it is a favorite Calendar app. Additionally, it works on KDE, MATE, and Cinnamon environments, among others.


KOrganizer is a Kontact integrated information manager that works with KMail and KAddressBook on the KDE desktop. It offers to track and update with numerous calendars, including local, Google, and CalDAV. Three options are available for customizing the view: day, week, month, and plan. A dialogue box will be open for you to add events, attachments, invitations, reminders, and more. With the aid of an integrated journal, you can take notes.


One of the best Linux calendar apps is Orage, which works well with the Xfce Desktop environments. You can create alerts depending on dates, and the application has extensive configuration options. You will receive a pop-up or audible alarm when the deadline is approaching. The time and date can be shown in various forms thanks to a plugin for the Xfce panel.

GNOME Calendar

Choose the GNOME Calendar if you don’t want to use Evolution or Google Calendar. It uses GNOME online accounts to sync your online calendars, including those from Google, Microsoft Exchange, Owncloud, and many others. It also displays a general calendar without creating a link to an online calendar. With drag-and-drop capability, rescheduling your events is simple once you’ve decided to do so.


The final application on our list of the top calendar apps for Linux is Kalendar. The C++-written application offers an appealing user interface for managing tasks and events. Using. ICS files, you can also import events from other calendars. Similar to Google Calendar, you can quickly distinguish between events by giving them different colors when creating them.

Day Planner

Day Planner is one of the best and most often used calendar apps for Ubuntu. An open-source calendar app that is. One of the most user-friendly calendar applications for Linux is Day Planner. The Day Planner’s most significant benefit is its compatibility with many languages. Day Planner uses a different connection server so that you may use the calendar app without any sync problems.


Another top Linux calendar application, MineTime, supports Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange,, iCloud, and CalDAV. It implies that you can centrally organize all of your calendars. You may easily add new events to the calendar by using the most user-friendly interface. The creation of group scheduling is also quick, and it considers everyone’s preferences and schedules.


For Linux platforms, there is a text-based, uncomplicated calendar app called Calcurse. However, only the command line can be used to schedule events. Creating, editing, and designing the circumstances requires a robust set of commands. You can set the notice as a reminder for events, sending emails, appointments, to-dos, and other things. All of the components in your calendar allow you to add notes, which you may then edit using your favorite text editor.


Lightning is not a calendar-specific app. It is an add-on for the Mozilla Thunderbird email extension. Visit the Mozilla website and type in “Thunderbird extensions” to download this extension. Once you download the extension, your Thunderbird mail will get a calendar. From there, you can quickly and easily organize and keep track of your appointments and events.


Users of Gnome have a dependable option in California. The user may easily manage their events thanks to the current user interface. The application is simple to set up, and its backend calendar functionality was constructed using the Evolution Data Server (EDS). Data connection with other calendars, such CalDav, Google Calendar, and others, is supported. They are additionally importing. Are files kept?


The Osmo app is the best personal calendar app for Linux or Ubuntu. It is a calendar tool built on the GTK platform with cutting-edge, customizable features. You can utilize the Task Manager, Date Calculator, Address Book, Notes, and more in addition to the calendar. The program makes use of an XML database to store data and information. You can easily sync events with Osmo if you have an iCalendar.

You can download these top calendar applications for Linux to organize and create your daily events. Is there a calendar app featuring the noteworthy feature mentioned in the article that is missing? Put a mention in the comments. We’ll make the article current.


1. Does exist a Google Calendar app for Linux?

Yes, Linux systems can use the Google Calendar app.

2. Is there a calendar app from Microsoft?

Microsoft provides an Outlook Calendar calendar app, but Linux users cannot use it.

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