How To Guide Unlock All Achievements In Contrast

Contrast is a mixed 3D and 2D platforming game that utilizes a variety of puzzle elements. The player controls the investigator Dawn, who may move in 3D or transform into a 2D silhouette to continue as a platformer. Every achievement and trophy available on compare and Contrast will be covered in the following guide, along with instructions on unlocking each one.

Contrast Achievements and Trophies:

It is possible to obtain all 21 trophies on a single Contrast game. You might need to restart the game at a save point to earn a handful of the Bronze trophies since they are all in the game. Ten of the twenty-one prizes are found in the first Act; seven appear in the second, and four in the third.

To The Heroes Among Us:

  • You must locate the hidden Extra Life 2012 Logo to obtain this trophy.
  • The Connoisseur Gentlemen’s Club has a room contrast definition with the name inside of it.
  • The street phonograph can be activated to enter the room.
  • You will now have access to a Luminary, from which you can drop to the ground on the other side of a gate made of iron.
  • You can enter the side room by utilizing a device ct scan with contrast mounted on the wall after ascending the stairs and going through the door.

A Carousel of Broken Dreams:

The first Act must be finished to receive this trophy.

One More Dimension:

Simply shifting through dimensions for the first time will unlock this trophy.

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Only after completing the entire game mri with contrast is the FIN trophy awarded.


Gather all of Act 2 hidden items to obtain the Groundskeeper trophy.


The Illuminated trophy can be unlocked by acquiring a second Luminary. It would help if you got the first Luminary you can.

Just Like Harry:

Just Like Harry To obtain the Just Like compare and contrast essay Harry trophy, you must visit the repair attractions. You can jump over the crocodiles in the Shadow Theater on your first try. If you fail, you’ll have to reload from the previous save point.

No Backpack Bird Needed:

The No Back Bird trophy is only available during the pirate ride’s repair feature. When the boat journey ends, you’ll need to fire a cannon contrast synonym, locate a pirate chest with a lid that keeps closing, and climb up the ramp. To unlock the trophy, jump inside this chest.

That Kind Of Game Is Not!

Search for the door Didi opens for you between the Connoisseur Gentleman’s club and the Ghost Note Café to find this trophy. The door next to this gate has a neon sign that reads, “24n Dirty 24n.” To unlock the trophy, enter through this door.

That’s using shadows to think now.

  1. You can obtain this trophy by successfully contrast meaning completing the Void Jump as you approach the cinema on your first try in contrast synonym.
  2. It would help if you shadowed shift, jump, and shift to make the jump, which is found between two billboards.
  3. Once you’ve obtained this trophy, try the following jump what does contrast mean, which requires you to fail this one to earn another medal.

My God, There Are So Many Stars!

You can make this trophy by failing to complete the previously obtained Void Jump.

Road Sweeper:

Gather every hidden object in Act 1 of the game to obtain the Street Sweeper trophy.

Life in the Family:

The Family Life trophy can be unlocked by examining Didi’s Family images. Open the table light and the portraits on Didi’s bedroom contrast in art wall to do so. The following occurs right at the beginning of the second Act.


Gather all of Act 3’s hidden goods to obtain the BookKeeper trophy.

The Bottle of the Devil

  • To find Cyclops’ Bottle, search the area.
  • It is not easy to search for. However, you can find color contrast checker it in the Carousel area.
  • The balloon in the repair attractions cannot be untied until you have finished the task. Use two lights to turn on the carousel, and then use shadow shifting to climb to the top.
  • Utilize the light, then return to the earlier platform high contrast images and move toward the top. Move toward the roof-head patio once your goal changes to “Untangle the Balloon.” On top of a table, the bottle will be found.

A handyman:

  • To unlock this trophy, repair three distinct attractions.
  • You won’t have another chance to fix these gadolinium contrast attractions if you do not exit the area.

How did you enter?

  • After the workshop is completed, this trophy becomes unlocked. Make 2 Luminaries to activate Vincenzo’s Amazing Solar Machine.
  • Then, shadow-launch yourself to the balcony, where you ct with contrast should position the gadget at the top of the crumbling stairs.
  • After a cutscene, drag the glowing cart to the stairs so you can use the shadow shift and the stairs. The gear tooth will be used to switch to the opposite side of the rotating gears.
  • Access the Solar Machine’s rest button to descend to the bottom floor. To reach the balcony, locate a janitor and shadow shift onto his back.
  • Climb the stairs, enter the next room, and continue going define contrast. The cutscene begins when you follow through with a shadow shift to your left.

Let There Be Light:

  1. Let There Be Light unlock this trophy and complete Lighthouse. You only have to move over the next glass to get to the Lighthouse.
  2. Please turn on the spotlight, drag it close to the wall, then hop aboard. Next, enter shadow mode and release your grip on the box. Switch now, then return to the spotlight.
  3. By using the spotlight in this manner, control the box. Continue until you can access the box. Move the spotlight so that it will move close to where you can use it to jump to the next platform by dragging it on top of a pressure plate that will carry a set of stairs to drop. Then, climb the stairs.
  4. Find another mobile box, what is contrast then drag it toward the wall you fell from. Next, move the box with the spotlight to where you turned on the light source.
  5. Utilizing the shadows, move the box to the right. Position the spotlight so it can latch upon a guided, directed beam.
  6. Jump and place the box back in the same position before you lift it to the next level. You will need to lift the box up and over using the right wall as support.
  7. Drag the box along with a pressure plate. A shadow would be cast by the spotlight’s position over the rotating beam and a few pipes.
  8. Then shift, hop on the pipes, and jump over the wall.
  9. Run to the beam shadow, then ascend the ramp.

Room 529:

You can get this trophy in Contrast just after leaving the Cabaret.

This circus is a complete mess!

You’ll see a pop-up for unlocking this trophy when you head near the attraction while crossing the circus tent.

Your finger was broken!

You can get this trophy in contrast as soon as mri contrast you leave the cinema.

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