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Top 43 Best Hotstar Alternatives To Watch TV Shows


Are you looking for Hotstar alternatives? You can find a Hotstar substitute here. The online video streaming network Hotstar was established by the streaming video businesses Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited and Star India Private Limited. We may watch various TV series, movies, and even cricket matches on Hotstar in us. To see the hosted video, users can use its app (free Hotstar App Download here) or visit its website. Even if you’re seeking a disney+ Hotstar substitute, keep reading because the best one is covered near the finish. The free Hotstar com app is the best alternative for any TV or video viewer.

With the help of this software, you may watch live broadcasts of 17 languages of movies, athletics, and other events globally. Due to its user-friendly design, anyone can use Hotstar anytime, anywhere. You only need an internet-connected smartphone for this. Disney Plus Hotstar india, a free app accessible on PCs, Android, and iOS devices, is the best app. Some free channels include Star Plus, Star Bharat, Star Sports, Fox Life, Star World, Nat Geo, HBO, and Star Maa. You can upgrade to this Hotstar USA platinum edition to access more features. In addition, you may watch ad-free videos hotstar live cricket match today online, TV series, and blockbuster movies before they hit theatres.

Top 43 Best Hotstar Alternatives To Watch TV Shows:

To read free Hotstar online, you can utilize Hotstar alternatives or sites similar to Hotstar.

1.  Stream2Watch

When it comes to streaming live sports, Stream2Watch is among the best disney Hotstar  substitutes. It allows you to watch all of your favorite sports. Viewers can watch sports live and for nothing. Even if you don’t have an account, you can still watch live sporting events on the website. Click one of the provided links to launch the event streaming. Typically, this website allows you to watch live streaming. It provides links to many websites where visitors can watch online sports streaming. However, many of the website’s links go to new hindi movies on hotstar commercials for human Hotstar subscription. In this case hotstar com us activate, the website’s ability to let people post content for free is relevant. If you want to watch free live sports, Stream2Watch is one of the best sites to go to.

2.  LiveTV

It’s a terrific Hotstar substitute if you enjoy watching live sports. Viewers can get info on upcoming sporting events, previous game results, live streaming, and other topics from the LiveTV portal. All countries have access to it, not just a select few. This website also offers forums where people may talk about any sport hotstar monthly subscription usa. Additionally, LiveTV allows you to watch live sporting events without registering. Hotstar app download LiveTV also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, making it simple to stay up to date on sports news wherever you are. Make sure you’ve read all of the streaming links on our page before using any of them. Pop-ups and adverts can display while you’re streaming.

3.  SonyLIV

Are you still looking for the best Hotstar login alternatives in 2022? On Sonyliv, you may watch free movies, TV shows, and sports! Sports like cricket, football, WWE, and Hotstar UFC, among others, have live games you can watch online. Here are a few of the world’s most well-known athletic events. SonyLiv subscribers can access a huge selection of well-liked movies, TV series, and sporting events. On the other hotstar ipl hand, the lack of free content on the website hotstar new movies has some customers unhappy. As a result, if you want to access the best stuff, you must pay.

4.  Sportsurge

Sportsurge, one of the top Hotstar alternatives, offers free live sports streaming. It adds to a growing list of websites that offer free live broadcasting. Viewers have the choice of watching one of the numerous thrilling sporting events. You can view events from the past, those occurring today now, and those that will happen in the future, according to the site’s large calendar. The most current sporting ok computer hotstar events are available if you have a high-definition television. It is an excellent platform for watching sports events in real-time hotstar customer service. The lack of commercials is one of the key selling points of this sports streaming service. Watching athletic events and tournaments live may be quite gratifying.

5.  Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is among the best Hotstar alternatives because it allows viewers to watch free sports highlights. Videos of a variety of sports can be found online. You may want to talk with others about the sports videos you watch online after watching them. It is also possible to share and comment on videos hotstar disney plus usa other users uploaded to the website. Users may watch sports-related video content on Facebook Watch, a user-friendly and cost-free social media platform Hotstar Telugu movies. Despite having fewer features, it is a similar video-sharing service to YouTube.

6.  LiveSoccerTV

On Live Soccer, you may watch videos for free from various sources. You can watch a lot of different sports for free online. For instance, if you subscribe to a live sports streaming service like us Hotstar’s best movies, you may watch cricket, rugby, and soccer competitions. Moreover, this website offers details on forthcoming sporting events. LiveSoccerTV is one of the most dependable Hotstar alternatives for viewing live sports. This plan will give people free access bhool bhulaiyaa 2 watch online hotstar to the internet to watch different athletic events. By the way, you can register for sports videos for free without even enrolling on our website!

7.  Streamhunter

StreamHunter is a versatile and trustworthy sports streaming service that is frequently updated and organized to make it simple to find the most recent live events and sports videos. The website is also designed to make it simple for you to keep tabs on every game on your tablet, smartphone, or computer system hotstar jalsha and doesn’t restrict information based on your location. You can connect with various sports fans using the site’s user interface, which is basic and easy to use.

8.  FromHot

Are you trying to watch the best online sports streaming services comparable to Hotstar and other options? FromHot is a sizable and free streaming service that compiles links to various live sporting events. They are categorized and made available to the public for review. Take a look at this part if you watch live television on other websites since it is a great place to start. Since fromhot is an indexing website, it neither possesses nor will provide you with this information. Instead, a link to an event will direct you to another website where you can watch it.


The abbreviated 123TV version is known as USTVGO. Both sites offer live streaming from US television networks. However, USTVGO outperforms Hotstar since it is easier to use despite having a less visually pleasing website. This website provides access to networks, including Fox Sports, YES Network, Olympic Channel, and many others. Because USTVGO is targeted toward Americans, it doesn’t have anything to offer cricket and field hockey lovers.

One of the best Hotstar alternatives is to watch live sports. Unlike 123TV, USTVGO’s websites include a TV Guide. It is possible to predict when a certain sporting event will be televised. A USTVGO membership grants you access to 94 extra channels. Networks like MSNBC, MTV, and Nickelodeon are news, entertainment, and kid-friendly programming instances. Thus, USTVGO may meet all of your family’s entertainment needs in one location.

10.  CricFree

Are you still looking for the best Hotstar alternatives for streaming online? A network that airs athletic events is called Cricfree. Customers can watch a variety of sporting events on the internet. There are various sports available, including cricket, hockey, and football. Sports go into a wide variety of categories. Despite being completely free to use, Cricfree contains a lot of advertising. To watch sports for free, you must regularly avoid commercials.

11.  Reddit Sports

One of the best Hotstar alternatives is Reddit Sports if you want to watch free live sports channels. Instead of TikTok, Reddit users can access a sports news channel through Hotstar YouTube. This platform lets users share live stream highlights from leagues, including the MLB, NHL, MLS, and NBA. Additionally, Reddit users submit funny moments from significant live-streamed sporting events. If you want to watch live sporting events, you should stay away from this station.

12.  Crackstreams

Crackstreams is the next website on our Hotstar alternatives for streaming free live sports. It provides free admission to many prestigious athletic events. Many people also utilize the streaming service to watch MMA, UFC, and other combat sports. You can also watch live Canadian Football League and XFL games on the internet. This incredible platform enables users to watch sports online. You may watch sporting events without repeatedly pausing and restarting the video if you have a fast Internet connection. One of the site’s shortcomings is that there aren’t many real-time streaming options for live sporting events.

13.  CricHD

It’s a top Hotstar substitute and one of the best ways to watch live sports. CricHD TV, listed among the full six live sports streaming options, is among the best. It’s yet another cricket-focused website. This website provides free access to a huge selection of other sports, including volleyball, basketball, and baseball. Please make sure you know where the activities are taking place and when they are happening. The website also includes match information and league tables. On CricHD, the chatbox lets you communicate with people from other streams.

14.  Laola1

The best place to start when looking for Hotstar subscription usa alternatives is Laola1. Live sports broadcasts are free to Laola1 customers without charge. You may watch live sports for free if you have a web browser. Various sports, including basketball, handball, and ice hockey, are available through the free sports program—Laola1.tv regrettably chose to stop providing its streaming service. Users can access some of the most well-known and excellent free sports streaming websites through the portal and get material.

15.  CBS Sports

You may access live sports feeds and other sports-related material through CBS Sports’ video and news streaming service. It is possible to watch every game from the National Football League (6streams NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), NCAA football games (6streams NCAA), Mixed Martial Arts (6streams MMA), and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

You can watch live sporting events from anywhere if you can access the mobile app or the internet interface. You must first sign up for a CBS account to access the material. The best substitute for the Hotstar website offers much other sports-related information, including live scores, match results, schedules, and highlights.

 16.  Hulu

The best live sports streaming services include Hulu hotstar, ranked among the top six. Thanks to the streaming platform provided by the service for these movies, users can watch movies and television shows on Hotstar online. The Walt Disney+ Hotstar Company and Comcast jointly own and operate it. Among websites with high-quality online material, the site boasts one of the largest libraries of streaming content. Along with over 75 live and on-demand sports channels, Hulu offers a vast array of other shows. Hulu offers a free trial that lasts for seven days. The balance of the service will then need to be paid for.

17.  BossCast

It is one of the best ways to watch live sports on Hotstar. Regarding streaming live sports on Hotstar, BossCast is one of the best possibilities. On Hotstar, a will spider-man: no way home be on disney plus hotstar separate website, you may watch live sports broadcasts from different organizations. You’ll almost always be able to locate what you’re looking for. The website disney hotstar us provides a chat feature that enables users to exchange text, media, and links. Using a scheduling tool, you won’t have to stress about missing your preferred live streams or sporting events.

18.  fuboTV

As the name implies, FuboTV used to be a service that broadcasted soccer games; today, it is one of the most well-known websites that rival grahan Hotstar. However, it has grown into a significant live sports streaming network with more than 100 stations and 1,000 live matches. Numerous sporting events, including those from the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and NASCAR, are available to watch online. Additionally, you may watch boxing events, tennis, golf, and collegiate sports. On FuboTV, all football lovers may watch significant competitions like the UEFA Champions League.

19.  VIPLeague

This website is among the best chandanamazha Hotstar alternatives for viewing live sports. You can access all athletic events and the primary Hotstar choices with VIPLeague. The selection is easy to use and gives access to many enjoyable streams. You will see adverts when trying to watch the movie on the website and the standard commercials that play while watching movies. Maybe you already know about this disney plus hotstar us. The general public can now access some free TV channels through VIPLeague. There are a few channels, but they are few and far between.

20.  ESPN

ESPN provides its viewers access to the world’s most memorable moments from sporting events. It does not allow for the free viewing of live events, though. Thanks to this service, which provides free streaming of numerous events, you can participate in many other sports. In addition to perusing rankings, you may read articles, watch video comments, and do much more. ESPN also functions as a comprehensive encyclopedia of sports-related subjects.

21.  FootyBite

FootyBite should be mentioned while discussing the best Hotstar alternatives because it is one of the most popular live sports streaming options on Hotstar. On this website, people can watch free live sporting events. Most of the world plays international football (or soccer in America). Many sports fans can also watch live online streaming of their favorite activities on Hotstar ufc 264. Football, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, professional wrestling, pool, and other contests can all be watched live. Unfortunately, this sports streaming service has a lot of intrusive pop-up commercials. However, FootyBite is one of the best places to visit if you want to watch live sports video.

22.  StreamEast

A few sporting events that can be seen live and for free on the website StreamEast include the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, Canadian Football League, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The website’s user experience is incredibly polished and well-designed. You can also view any live streams currently being aired on the website. This is a great addition if you want to watch live sports competitions at home on Hotstar. The live video offers a speedy load time and clear picture quality. On PC and mobile devices, you may watch free big American athletic events thanks to the best service of its kind, StreamEast. Additionally, there are no commercials in the service’s premium version.


It is among the best Hotstar alternatives for live sports streaming. SportRAR. Sports TV is a different sports streaming service that practically gathers and organizes live sports streaming content from many sources. A new window containing the game video will appear when you click on a game on SportRAR.TV. This new window gives you all the information you need for the most well-known sports, like basketball, baseball, and football. If you are experiencing problems playing the game, look for a link that says “More links from this game.” If other video sources are available, they will be accessible to you via this link.

24.  BilaSport

If you’re familiar with the best Hotstar alternatives or other free streaming services, you might be familiar with Bilasport. Sports fans must use this premier streaming service, which is also free, to keep up with the most recent advancements in various competitive sports. You may watch every sporting event live and for free, seven days a week, on our website, at any time of day or night. Whether you watch sports closely or casually doesn’t matter. You do not need to register to watch free sports broadcasts on our website.

25.  RedBull TV

Fans of extreme sports should sign up for this. Accessing Hotstar disney plus Red Bull has become one of the most well-known brands in the world thanks to its involvement in the Olympics, auto racing, snowboarding, and skating. The company’s website, Red Bull TV, offers free live streaming of a number of these events. So, you may start watching live sports on our website without creating an account immediately.

26.  Social442

In addition, to live sports streaming, the top Hotstar alternatives offer a plethora of information on popular sports, athletes, and forthcoming events. This is an excellent resource for those interested in adventure sports who hotstar us login want to learn more about the activity and keep up with the latest information. Social442 is yet another fantastic 6-stream alternative. You can watch pop-ups and adverts while watching any live game online. You may sign up and communicate with other users, much like a social media network with a football theme. The ESPN website also provides a tailored iOS and Android app for your preferred sports. If you subscribe, you’ll receive an email with information about all the thrilling forthcoming matches and the broadcast’s continued high quality. The website’s user interface is very well.

27.  JokerLiveStream

On the sports website JokerLiveStream, users can watch high-definition access to some of the most well-known competitions. If the content is stored, the Zorro live stream searches for links to other sporting events online. Since JokerLiveStream is still a relatively unknown website, it has a small but committed fan base. When it comes to streaming live sports, it is among the best the empire Hotstar alternatives. If you want disney hotstar in usa to watch significant sporting events, JokerLiveStream is an excellent resource to have at your disposal. You may watch the Warriors vs. Raptors game and El Clásico with the best Hotstar choice.

28.  MamaHD

It offers fans a free Hotstar alternative where they may watch sports. The well-liked MamaHD streaming service is a fantastic choice for online sports viewing. It features events like the UFC, WWE, cricket, Formula 1 boxing, and MotoGP, among others. Users of MamaHD can display a variety of exceptionally high-quality photographs for nothing at all. Gymnastics, horse racing, and other sports are among the events in which participants can participate. When there isn’t any user activity on this website, the live chat option seems to be disabled. There have been lots of reports hotstar india login of the program abruptly terminating. However, data from the study indicates that the site is regularly used by roughly 20,000 people each month. Isn’t that a sign of significant progress?

29.  YouTube TV

One of the top six methods to watch sports is by live streaming. It is distinct from the other user-generated content submitted to YouTube. To watch it, you must have a cable television subscription to Hotstar. It is possible to access many live television networks. You may protect more than 85 live networks.

This website is among the best Hotstar alternatives for viewing live sports. YouTube TV is one of the best live-streaming services, especially for sports and local news. On YouTube TV, you may find some sports networks. It also offers access to Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the Public Broadcasting Service in most locations (PBS). Although this item is costly, there is a fourteen-day free trial period during hotstar us activate which you can try it out without paying anything. A substantial free advantage is the absence of any fees associated with accessing it.

30.  StopStream

StopStream is an excellent Hotstar replacement that provides various live sporting events. Any device can access a vast range of free sporting events and channels. You may also select your chosen route and utilize the live chat function to choose from other banners from different parts of the world and find out what people think of the games. StopStream is a free service that lets you watch and listen to athletic events from any location. The website is better organized and has a more user-friendly design than Stream East. Consider Sportsbay’s selections as well.

31.  MyP2P

On MyP2P, you may watch your preferred sporting events in high definition for free. This service provides live sports streaming. The streaming material is all free, and the content has a straightforward, uncomplicated layout. In contrast to many other websites, it provides courses in various sports, including tennis, soccer, baseball, boxing, and MotoGP. On each level, there are many passageways to investigate and steam. The MyP2P website is, without a doubt, the most calming and one of my favorites. Most importantly, every streaming option available here is cost-free. It’s easy to use the positioning interface. Since the country’s territory is the European Union, many broadcast schedules will adhere to it.

32.  Fox Go

Live sports and entertainment are broadcast on FOX Sports, a sports and entertainment network. This network includes outlets like FS1, FS2, Regional Network, Big Ten Network, FOX Deportes, FOX College Sports, and FOX Soccer Plus. Customers can watch sports from anywhere thanks to the top website that offers Hotstar alternative apps for Android and iOS devices.

33.  First Row Sports

FirstRowSports users can play in sporting events like football, WWE, tennis, baseball, hockey, and cricket. FirstRowSports is a game-focused alternative to Hotstar. It was made for ardent sports lovers who wish to watch the live streaming from around the world and get real-time score updates. Anyone can access the website’s several sports categories by clicking on the links.

It’s a great resource for learning about various moves because it functions as a virtual scoreboard showing static and earned bonuses on daily statistics. Access to an SMS login is obtained by signing up as a primary account and providing an email address, a username, and a password. Customers can quickly acquire access through one of the revolutionary features by using a smartphone camera to scan QR codes.

34.  Streamwoop

It is among the best Hotstar alternatives for live sports streaming. StreamWoop is a top provider of online sports streaming, competing with Hotstar. It enables viewers to watch free access to several athletic events. Additionally, every sport will be scheduled, so you never miss a game starring your favorite team. You will also receive coverage of any ongoing athletic events in a real place.

All day long, replays and highlights are available on the internet. You can get india vs new zealand 2019 hotstar to them whenever you want. A substantial assortment of high-definition sports programming is also available here. SteamWoop enhances the user experience by limiting the quantity of advertising that is shown. As a result, there won’t be any commercials when viewing any sporting event.

35.  Airtel TV

Customers of Airtel can also access video-on-demand content. However, Airtel postpaid customers are the major ones who can use the service. This app, like Hotstar, contains a lot of content you may watch on your phone disney+ hotstar us. It offers TV shows, movies, and many other interesting things, and it can be used on the most common iOS and Android smartphones.

36.  Snaptube

Snaptube is another Hotstar alternative that you can use. It lets you have quick, secure access to as many videos as you want to watch and download. Additionally, a single location hosts all varieties of video hosting and sharing platforms. You may be confident that you won’t need to utilize a different app to find any content if you do it this way. Like Hotstar, Snaptube features TV series, movies, sports videos, and more. It contains a lot more in addition. On the other hand, Snaptube is free and lets you download HD content. On the other hand, Hotstar is not. Because of all this, Snaptube is one of the best apps like Hotstar.

37.  YuppTV

YuppTV is one of the top apps like Hotstar in India if you want to watch live TV. It enables you to access your preferred Hotstar TV shows without charge. You can record your favorite shows and watch up to 200 channels simultaneously with this TV. YuppTV, similar to Hotstar, can be Hotstar downloaded to phones and computers. You can watch more than just movies.

38.  Netflix

The greatest option to watch Hotstar movies is through Netflix, which most people know. This app is available for both free and money. Netflix is an app that lets users view many films and TV series on their phones. Well, if you bought a Premium or Ultra HD account, you’d get a free month of service for that time 129.8m yoy us canada 42.9m hotstar. Due to its availability on both the Google Play and Apple App stores, bringing the Netflix app is easy.

39.  JioTV

You need a Reliance Jio account to use JioTV. Most Reliance Jio people get free hotstar us subscription access to JioTV, a TV service new movies on hotstar. Therefore, a wide variety of content is available for free viewing on the app. JioTV offers everything, including sports and TV shows.

40.  Airtel Xstream

One of the platforms with a variety of streaming content is Airtel Xstream. Also, it has a lot of movies and TV shows. It has worked with platforms like Hooq, YouTube, Eros, Sony, and Zee. Unfortunately, Chromecast is not compatible kiranmala hotstar with this app www Hotstar com. Here, the channels are arranged by different languages and types of music. On the negative, it has a small fanbase and parampara hotstar doesn’t let you watch the Star and Colors networks. There’s also the fact that Airtel Xstream can be used on both Android and iOS platforms.

41.  Vodafone Play

Vodafone Play is free for Red postpaid customers to use. To offer its users a wide variety of content, it has collaborated with several content producers, like ATL Balaji, Sony, and others. There are many popular movies and TV shows disney plus hotstar in usa available on Vodafone Play. One of the greatest apps, like Hotstar’s free trial, is incredibly easy to use disney hotstar india. Overall, Vodafone Play is among the better substitutes for Hotstar.

42.  Voot

Voot is one of the best Hotstar alternatives, and it’s one of the best. The users can watch many Indian TV shows, movies, web series, and other crictime live cricket streaming hotstar things. Both a PC and a smartphone may use it empire hotstar. To listen to music, download the free Voot app. It is downloadable. You can watch all of the series on Colors.

 43.  VidMate

You can download live TV broadcasts, music, and movies through a website called VidMate. It doesn’t require Google Play to run its app because it has a separate app store. The app’s primary function is downloading live-streaming videos bodhuboron hotstar from platforms like YouTube, Daily Motion, and others. So, are you trying to find a solution to download audio and video from numerous websites criminal justice hotstar? The easiest way to do that is with VidMate! This app, similar to Hotstar, may also be used to watch live streaming on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram hotstar india subscription.

Final Words:

The main objective of this article is to choose the best Hotstar Alternative from a wide range of options. Consider all the data and Hotstar select the best decision. Please leave hotstar free trial your opinions in the space below.



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