Top 17 Best TorrentReactor Alternatives Proxy Sites

This article discusses TorrentReactor and possible TorrentReactor alternatives. Finding a torrent website that remains accessible and is not blocked by authorities is extremely challenging. When the creator of Kickass Torrent was detained for downloading and hosting copyrighted files a few years ago, everything began torrentreactor xxx. After that, the government took down nearly all of the main torrent websites. A few websites managed to withstand the torrent ban, including The Pirate Bay, Limetorrent, TorrentReactor, and others. With millions of popular torrent files hosted there, was formerly the most well-known. On the other side, a torrent ban that Torent Reactor net was subject to its downfall. However, before it was torrentreactor com shut down, the website drew a sizable following of devoted visitors who still search for TorrentReactor.

Top 17 Best TorrentReactor Alternatives Proxy Sites:

With millions of legal torrents, Torent Reactor net is one of the busiest providers online, offering its users the most recent torrents. The torrent file categories include adult, anime, music, movies, TV shows, seasons, and episodes. Torrent Reactor Net users can search torrents using the options for popular torrentreactor italiano and most recent floods. The strongest point of is its sophisticated search engine system, which makes visitors find the torrent they have entered. is superior to other sites since it allows visitors to share torrent files.

A platform for user-contributed torrent searching, Torrent Reactor makes a user-contributed system. TorrentReactor is now indexing the millions of torrent files acquired from the top torrent provider because it depends on other torrent providers. We’ll share a list of the top TorrentReactor alternatives or sites similar to TorrentReactor so you can download music, anime, movies, games, and software.

1.  ETTV Proxy

The best gush website on the earth is ETTV. When I first came upon this website, it was fantastic; during the COVID-19 quarantine day, everyone should turn on ETTV to watch captivating and wonderful movies. A dedicated group of gush trackers maintains a large database of meta torrents. It provides customers with thousands of seeders and uploaders with 100% certified gush files. Is it blocked atcomet url view torrentreactor net in your nation? or can you not access it? Don’t worry; we’ve explored the top proxy sites and torrent options. There is a dedicated community of torrent seeders and uploaders on ETTV. After becoming well-known, several torrent websites frequently experience blocking. The greatest choice for users is these proxies and mirror websites. These serve as the gateways to these torrent websites.

2.  TorrentFunk


In 2011, Torrentfunk was introduced. It offers several gushes proclaim downloading options for movies, music, TV shows, ebooks, anime, software, and many more gush items. To begin torrenting at Torrentfunk, you only need a functional computer and a fast internet connection. But what if this website torrentreactor unblock is no longer operational? Because of copyright issues! Suppose the site is temporarily unavailable, or you do not want to wait to download your chosen torrent files. In that case, you will surely like the following excellent alternatives to Torrentfunk. So, if Torrentfunk isn’t functioning right now, don’t worry. You might also want to try some other websites, such as Torrentfunk.

3.  Utorrent


Before BitTorrent, Inc. acquired it, uTorrent was formerly known to every torrent downloader. Although it was a lightweight, open-source client, BitTorrent made it a closed source and loaded it with advertisements and spammy promotions. Although many people still use people, some are unsatisfied with how uTorrent is now set up and are looking for alternatives. Fortunately, there are plenty torrentreactor net music of open-source and closed-source Torrent clients freely available. Some are very similar to uTorrent, while others may offer unique features that not even uTorrent has. However, choosing the best uTorrent choice might be challenging because many other gush clients also include viruses and bugs that could damage your PC. To aid you in your search, we have compiled a list of intriguing ETTV Alternatives with the least suspicious behavior. Even while some of them still offer Adware, you can easily reject it if you exercise a little caution (don’t worry, we’ll warn you about those).

4.  EZTV

EZTV is one of the busiest gush websites for fans of television shows. It’s packed with options to improve your torrenting skills, from an integrated anonymity checker on the major websites to a calendar that lists each episode’s product launches for many shows. Although the website is easy to use, there is a full FAQ and help section and a lively discussion board in case you run into any problems. However, using a popup blocker on the EZTV website is best because selecting torrentreactor mirror menu links will open new popup windows. EZTV is it blocked? Are you looking for ways to unclog EZTV besides ETTV? When EZTV is blocked, there are numerous options available. However, EZTV Proxy & Mirror sites are the very best course of action. However, finding the active EZTV Proxies and Mirrors isn’t that simple.


Since Torrentz. Eu, one of the most popular torrent websites in the world, said its numerous users “farewell” and shut down; it has been far too long. In the strictest sense, the Torrentz search engine was not a pirate www torrentreactor net website; rather, it was a meta-search engine related to other popular BitTorrent websites like the Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrents, RARBG, KickassTorrents, etc., without hosting any of its torrents. Millions of users downloaded movies, video games, series, and other big files via torrent users. Users started looking for its mirror, proxies, and gush sites like torrentz, though, when it was shut down.

6.  YTS


One of the biggest sites is YTS, a daily necessity for every user everywhere. Over the years, this website has maintained a significant lead over other gush sites. The YTS torrent website is among the most well-known due torrentreactor free to its popular graphic design and downloading compatibility. A large variety of films, TV shows, and web series in many languages and genres are available. Web series from the United States, India, Korea, Japan, and China can be downloaded from this website.

The YTS gush movie website primarily focuses on offering both Hollywood and Bollywood films for free. However, the Google Trends report indicates that the website’s popularity has significantly declined over the previous several months, primarily due to the limited access to resources on this torrent site. The performance of this website has left users incredibly dissatisfied, but we won’t let you down anymore.


Kickass, often known as KAT, is dubbed the Silk Road of torrents. They had to deal with several ups and downs. It was published in 2008 and lasted for almost eight years. The U.S. Department of Justice seized its domain in 2016, and the company’s creator and owner, a Ukrainian citizen, was jailed torrentreactor unblocked in Poland. Even throughout those eight years, KickAss Torrents frequently changed its domain to evade law enforcement. Games and movie torrents were the main uses for this website. Following that, some fake websites like the original one that contained tons of malware and phishing pages started to appear.

8.  Thepiratebays3


Use Thepiratebays3 as the most recent and quick proxy in 2021. The pirate bay, often known as TPB in abbreviation, is a website that was established in 2003. This torrent website provides magnet links and torrent files that have been stolen. It utilizes BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer file-sharing technology and has a very user-friendly interface. 2009 saw the conviction and one-year prison sentence torrentreactor toolbar of the Pirate Bay’s inventor. ISP has blocked this website in numerous countries. However, there are still a lot of proxy websites that are easily accessible online. The website was the third most popular torrent site globally in 2019 and has a lot of popup ads.



Since its creation in 2008, RARBG RARBG RARBG Proxy has established itself as one of the top websites for downloading any information, including movies, television shows, video games, music, and much more. However, there is a problem right now that we must generally strictly avoid. Yes, the ISP blocked it. Thus we can’t use it. As a result, we’ll list the top 10 RARBG mirrors, proxies, and ETTV alternatives below. Are you discovering the constantly updated RARBG Proxy List and the ETTV Alternative, which recommend trackers that work? If so, you are in the ideal spot torrentreactor net psp. We have the top list for you after conducting numerous searches on each of the well-known websites. Since any of these websites could disappear overnight, as we all know in practice, creating a plan like this is not a simple task; as a result, there is no guarantee of presence.

10.  LimeTorrents

One of the best torrent websites is Limetorrents, which lets you download music, movies, TV shows, software, Android apps, and more. The website uses the peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol for information transfer. As far as we know, no gush website will function without interruption due to legal or piracy issues. However, you don’t need to worry because many torrent websites with cutting-edge features appear every day. Fortunately, Lime gushes operators, and other torrent enthusiasts torrentreactor news help us with the most recent Limetorrents proxy & Lime sprays mirror sites, providing related information, indexes, and updates with fresh content. Only the fact that they operate under a different name makes them.

11.  Torlock

Well, many individuals today consider Gush a fantastic place for downloading software, music, movies, games, etc. Today, there aren’t many gush sites to choose from. However, some of the websites there, including The Pirate Bay, TorLock, 1337x, and others, function as an appeal. TorLock used to be the greatest torrent website out of many available. The website was always renowned for its wholesome nutritional content, which allowed www torrentreactor net games a lot faster download. Additionally, the website managed to endure the 2016 bulk torrent prohibition. Despite all of these, the website could never maintain its reputation. TorLock has certain drawbacks, and one of the biggest ones is its stability. Due to its frequent outages, TorLock is not one of the reliable gush sites.

12.  Zooqle


Another ETTV substitute is One of the most well-known gush websites to date, Zooqle. This is due to the fact that practically all of the files sold on the Gush site have been verified. This implies that your chances of getting an infection on your computer or mobile device are slim to none. But there has been a change torrentreactor net unblocked in user-friendliness following numerous attempts to shut it down. It is currently incredibly difficult to register for an account or log in to this website. Some other Zooqle solutions are equally as useful because logging in is necessary to connect with the website.

13.  ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrents first made its presence known in 2006, when torrent websites like Mininova and TorrentSpy dominated the internet. Until a few years ago, ExtraTorrents battled valiantly and attracted countless daily visitors to rank second only to Pirate Bay among torrent websites. The website dl7 torrentreactor net download was well-known for hosting movies and television shows. As a result, numerous requests to hosting companies and domain name service providers were made to shut down the website. However, it is still unclear whether the legal pressure ultimately brought down the torrent juggernaut.

14.  1337x


The well-known Pirate Bay is the #1 torrent website on our list. You can download your favorite movie from a popular torrent site kirk franklin christmas torrentreactor like 1337x. Now, Pirate Bay has been shut down for encouraging piracy. Nevertheless, the content is supported by a large number of mirror sites. If 1337x isn’t functioning properly, you can always visit Pirate Bay to download any movie or television show.

15.  Torrentz2

Are you having trouble opening You are not by yourself. The leading torrent meta-search engines. Eu domain no longer functions for consumers online. The site’s operator has received an alert regarding a public issue by EURid, the computer registry manager. Eu domain. It indicates that the Public Prosecutors’ order caused the suspension of the domains. Though the order details are still pending, there are mounting rumors that a protracted court battle is about to begin. Video games, films, books, music, and numerous Internet users all flocked to It was a torrent search engine that showed outcomes from popular torrent websites marvel’s guardians of the galaxy episodes 1-10 torrentreactor, including The Pirates Bay, LimeTorrents, and RARBG, among many more.

16.  TorrentDownloads

The website offers access to the most recent TV shows, films, music, games, software, anime, books, and a wide range of other items black dynamite season 2 torrentreactor. A tonne of information is available on the website, and you may instantly download newly released movies and software. Numerous users use this website frequently to download stuff for free, although the number of top torrent websites is steadily declining. The proxy sites operated by Gush Downloads will be replicas of their original website, They are identical to the first domain’s layout, gushes, and enhancements. As a result, you can utilize the proxy services listed below to fix the problem if you cannot download torrents for whatever reason.

17.  IsoHunts

This torrent company is regarded as one of the best when it comes to the peer-to-peer torrent method. It has many files and is not restricted to a single type of content. Its contents include, among other things, software, books, movies, music, and apps. IsoHunt can always make whatever you’re looking for available torrentreactor calendar creator. But not everyone feels comfortable using it. Some people prefer to use another Torrent company even though they enjoy what it offers. Do you belong to the group interested in working with gush service providers other than IsoHunt? You ought to be aware of your possibilities.

Final Thoughts:

These are the top 11 websites that offer TorrentReactor alternatives at this time. Please let us know in the comments section below if you are aware of other websites comparable to TorrentReactor. I hope this essay was helpful to you. Also, please share the word with your friends.

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