How to Break Cracked Rock Walls In Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy release date, Cracked Rock Walls serve as a natural barrier that prevents access to some secret locations dispersed across the area. The Cracked Rock Walls contain jewels in their fissures. Therefore you would unquestionably be interested in knowing how to break them. Following this tutorial, you may learn how to destroy the crumbling rock walls in Tower of Fantasy download.

How to Break Cracked Rock Walls in Tower of Fantasy?

Early on in Tower of Fantasy characters, players will discover Cracked Rock Walls in Astra. How to get beyond the Cracked Rock Walls is the question. You could think that charging the wall with powerful weapons would be sufficient at first. But the truth is just the reverse. No matter how hard you try, Cracked Rock Walls in ToF are impossible to break. This is a result of the fact that they need a particular kind of weapon. The Missile Barrage is the weapon in question.

Use the Sonic Cannon. It just takes one hit to break a wall made of cracked rock—as it is the only way to get past them. You may be curious about the Missile Barrage and how to unlock it. For more information, keep reading. You can also check How To Guide Control AWE A Dark Place Mission.

How to Unlock Missile Barrage Relic?

In Tower of Fantasy beta, the weaponized gadget known as the Missile Barrage shoots a barrage of explosive projectiles early in the game. The Cracked Rock Walls in Tower of Fantasy global release date can be readily breached using this.

You must complete the Dungeon known as Ruin A-01 to get the Missile Barrage. It is situated further west along the river from Astra Shelter. When Shirli offers you the jetpack early in the game ps4, you’ll encounter Ruin A-01.

Primary Astra story questline:

Until you complete the primary Astra story questline, access to Ruin A-01 is restricted. After completing the Dungeon, you should tower of fantasy download pc chat with Peanut, a little cat-like droid. Finish the conversations and engage the triangle pod on the nearby platform. In Tower of Fantasy pc, this ought should unlock the Missile Barrage. The fact that this weapon may also be employed against foes is by far its strongest feature.

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