What is Twitter CoTweets and How it Works

With millions of people regularly using it, Twitter is one of the most extensive social networking networks. You can use Twitter to convey your ideas via tweeting, sharing images, videos, etc. Twitter serves as a platform for creating companies, the ascent of people, and the dissemination. The tweet is a brand-new feature that Twitter just introduced. The quality is currently conducting testing. With the new feature, you may share the spotlight while working together to produce a single tweet.

How Twitter CoTweets Work

CoTweet is a feature that allows two people to founder a tweet. Use the CoTweet feature to send a request if you want someone else to co-author a Tweet that you are posting. The co-author must have a public account and follow your Twitter account to use tweeting. The co-author should agree to the author’s request to co-tweet. Tweeted tweets are displayed on both writers’ timelines. The tweets can be shared by others, retweeted, and commented on. However, the tweet’s primary author can pin it.

Twitter claims to be looking for ways to collaborate among people. They have also made this feature available during a testing feature to observe how people and businesses will react to and use it. Limited accounts in the USA, Canada, and Korea can now access the feature.

A person will receive one invite in their feed and another in their DMs if you send them a CoTweet request. The CoTweet request can even be blocked from coming from certain Twitter accounts. The best feature is the infinite number of CoTweet requests you can send to other users.

The IDs of the founder will appear at the top of the tweet. If everyone finds this helpful feature and it is well accepted, Twitter may formally announce and make this feature available to all users in a later update.

How to CoTweet on Twitter

Install the Twitter app from the Google Play Store and the App Store if you don’t already have it.

1. Start Twitter on your mobile device.

2. Tweet Composer.

3. You must click the CoTweet icon and add a co-author message.

4. Then add a co-author to your list of followers.

5. Once you’ve made your choice, click the CoTweet symbol.

6. If your co-author, who is also your follower, has granted your request, it will be tweeted.


To cooperate with Tweets, Twitter is testing the CoTweets feature. You may expect it will be out of beta by 2023 when the part officially launches on Twitter. According to Twitter’s official members, the tweets will be permanently removed from the platform after the testing period is through.

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